Keeping Harford County Safe

Office Administration

  • Establish a community based prosecution model linking the State’s Attorney’s Office, law enforcement, and the county council to the community
  • Initiate a vertical prosecution model in which assigned prosecutors handle cases from the beginning to the end
  • Develop specialized units and/or prosecutors based on the type of crime
  • Pursue updated technology solutions to enable more efficient and effective prosecution of the cases charged
  • Implement enhanced training, policies and oversight to ensure cases are fully prepared and successfully prosecuted

Drug Epidemic

  • Utilize my 15 years of narcotic prosecution experience to enhance the investigation and prosecution of drug dealers in Harford County
  • Pursue strict sentences aimed at removing convicted drug dealers from our community
  • Leverage my established partnerships with federal law enforcement agencies to bring a new level of investigations to Harford County
  • Treat addiction as a disease first and seek appropriate treatment options and sentences
  • Educate the community – a prosecutor must be willing to help the community in which they prosecute
  • Develop a resource program that provides support to parents when they discover drugs in their home
  • Create a team of prosecutors specifically trained to handle the investigation and prosecution of narcotic crimes

Violent Crimes

  • Bring appropriate charges and seek the most severe penalties

Vulnerable Victims

  • Create a task force to identify victims who were targeted either physically or financially
  • Establish a specialized unit or prosecutor to represent vulnerable members such as the elderly who have been taken advantage of in our community

Community Prosecution

  • Reinforce the philosophy that a prevented crime is better than a prosecuted crime
  • Develop a program that will connect the prosecutor, law enforcement and the county council to address the specific needs of each community in Harford County
  • Partner with community stakeholders to develop programs to educate the youth in our community about the consequences of poor choices when it comes to drugs and crime
  • Work to bring resources to Harford County that address the unique concerns of our veterans when involved in the criminal justice system

Legislative Affairs

  • Partner with our county executive, county council, state delegation, county sheriff and local law enforcement to give our community the strongest voice in Annapolis